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The Benefits of Everyday Meditation

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Stress is inevitable, inviting tension that permeates other areas of your life if you allow it. Therefore, if you’ve been feeling particularly stressed or anxious, consider implementing the long-practiced art of meditation into your wellness routine. Meditation is a wonderful tool to reduce stress, take a breather, and recenter yourself whenever those daily stressors become too overwhelming. 

Here, we’re going to discuss some short-term and long-term benefits of meditation, as well as meditation techniques you can adapt to your everyday lifestyle. 

Types of Meditation

Before diving into the overall health benefits of meditation, let’s talk about how you can incorporate meditation sessions into your life. Fortunately, meditation is both inexpensive and versatile, since you can practice it anywhere you want. Just remember to relax, take a deep breath, and focus on some deep relaxation.

Since meditation has existed for centuries, there are many ways to practice it daily. If you’re just starting out, here are some types of meditation you can try:

  • Guided meditation: Visualize yourself in an imaginary, peaceful location to ease your mind as much as possible. You can also follow guided meditation under an instructor.
  • Mindfulness meditation: By focusing on your breath, you can quiet your thoughts and live in the present.
  • Mantra meditation: Again, you can practice this type of meditation under the guidance of an instructor, or simply by yourself. This technique involves the repetition of a word or phrase that will hopefully resonate with you during practice.

How to Meditate

Now, let’s get you set up for your meditation session. Here are some tips for easing yourself into a session:

  • Find a comfortable seat. You’ll want to find a calm, safe space to steady your mind and quiet any racing thoughts.
  • Determine the length of your session. You can set a timer if you wish, or pick a guided meditation for a set duration of time. If you’re a beginner, perhaps decide on a short 5-10 minute session.
  • Aim for stability. Try to sit or lay down as still as you can, directing your focus to your deep breathing. 
  • Enter a judgment-free zone. Your mind may wander during the session. No matter what, always come back to your breath.
  • Open your eyes. Upon completing your session, gently open your eyes. Take a moment to return to yourself and your body.

 Now, let’s talk about some of the positive health impacts provided by meditation.

Short-term and Long-term Benefits of Meditation

We’re going to reveal some overall benefits of meditation, both short and long-term:

  • Relieves stress: An 8-week study for meditation research discovered that the act of mindfulness meditation was best for addressing any issues with stress, including decreasing inflammation. 
  • Keeps anxiety at bay: For those with anxiety disorders, meditation can help to reduce the anxiety. Combining any physical activity with meditation, such as yoga, is also beneficial. 
  • Acts as a memory booster: As mentioned previously, there are plenty of meditation methods you can adapt to your lifestyle. For those who are older, meditation is especially helpful for potentially offsetting “age-related cognitive decline.”
  • Reduces memory loss: During meditation, you are taught to draw your attention to one thing, such as your breath or a mantra. In working to improve your attention span, you’re allowing yourself more mental clarity.
  • Increases self awareness: In building upon your focus during meditation practice, you also become more aware of yourself, leading to a positive mindset.
  • Promotes mental well being: By practicing meditation for only a few minutes a day, you can significantly improve your mental and physical health.


CBD in Meditation

Furthermore, since meditation can become a wonderful addition to your wellness routine, consider incorporating all-natural supplements to balance out your practice and support your wellness journey. Here at Vitaldiol, we provide plant-based remedies for your mental and physical health.

 The Essential Tincture combines cannabidiol (CBD) with extra virgin olive oil, making it an all-natural liquid extraction that you can take everyday. This tincture can also help you achieve balance in your everyday life. By aligning your emotional and physical selves, you’ll have the power to enter your daily meditation sessions with a clearer state of mind.

Final Thoughts

It’s never too late to further develop your meditation practice. Even if you’ve never meditated before, there are so many ways to get started. Whichever type of meditation you choose, know that you’re working to build your awareness. 

Meditation is a phenomenal stress reliever. There’s nothing better than discovering a mindful practice that can keep you focused, while still contributing to balance and harmony in your life.

Of course, meditation does take time to learn and practice. Remember to be kind and patient with yourself throughout the journey. Before long, you’ll be experiencing the long-lasting benefits of this mindful work.

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