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Essential Tincture

CBD Oil Drops With Olive Oil

Essential by Vitaldiol keeps it simple with only two powerful ingredients, Broad-Spectrum CBD and Extra-Virgin Olive Oil.

Broad spectrum CBD provides benefits from all the naturally-occurring cannabinoids, ranging from CBG to CBN, without the intoxicating effects of THC.

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil has strong anti-inflammatory properties, can assist with cardiovascular health, and is rich in healthy monounsaturated fats. This powerful tincture with 900mg of broad-spectrum CBD and 30ml of Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, is the perfect daily addition to any wellness routine.

Simplicity is at the core of Essential and we firmly believe that simple, natural ingredients can have a powerful impact on your everyday health.

  • 30ml Olive Oil + 900mg CBD PER BOTTLE

  • 1mg Olive Oil + 30mg CBD PER DROPPER


A better world starts with a better you

Find Balance

Being on tilt is never fun, reach equilibrium and restore your harmony and ease

Increase Well-being

More than just a state of mind, align your physical and emotional self and be the best you can be

Boost Metabolism

Say goodbye to bloat and keep your energy high by turning food to fuel

What's my suggested dose?

Add essential to your everyday grind, and balance you shall find

Essential by Vitaldiol is a tincture that can be easily measured out for your everyday needs. We always advise starting small with 1 Dropperful (1 ml) and increasing the dosage and frequency as needed.

The appropriate serving sizes can vary greatly based on individual factors and needs, including weight, height, BMI and previous cannabinoid exposure.

How do I take Essential Tincture?

Essential by Vitaldiol is best taken sublingually (under the tongue) to maximize the bioavailability of the various non-psychoactive cannabinoids.

It is recommended to hold the tincture under your tongue for 30 seconds before swallowing to allow the compounds to absorb directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system.

If you’re not used to this sublingual method or ingesting the liquid directly, you may also add the tincture into your favorite food or drink. However, the effects of CBD and Olive Oil will be delay in comparison to the sublingual method because the compounds must bypass your digestive system.

Simple Ingredients, Powerful Effects

Full Spectrum CBD EXTRACT

Full Spectrum CBD Extract is the refined plant matter that contains a high concentration of all the different non-psychoactive, naturally occurring cannabinoids found within the Hemp Plant. CBD initially gained popularity after the miracle story of Charlotte Figi, where CBD drastically reduced the frequency of severe epilepsy. Clinical studies of CBD have been limited but the anecdotal evidence supporting this cannabinoid is promising.

Olive oil

Our organic olive oil is the highest grade in the market made with minimum refinement to maximize the purity of the product. High in phenolic antioxidants as well as vitamins E and K, olive oil has proven to be one of the most nutritious fats. In a recent study, habitual use of olive oil significantly reduced blood pressure in patients with elevated blood pressure (precursor for strokes and heart attack)

Frequently Asked Questions

A CBD tincture is a liquid extraction of the CBD cannabinoid from the hemp or cannabis plant. Vitaldiol's CBD is always extracted from premium, federally legal hemp flower.

Effects of Essential will take place within 30 to 90 minutes of ingesting. At Vitaldiol, we recommend placing the CBD olive oil under your tongue for 30 seconds for maximum effect.

While industry norm tends to favor MCT oil, We strongly believe that our organic extra virgin olive oil blend is far superior to MCT oil given the healthy monounsaturated fats content as well as large amounts of anti-inflammatory properties.

Unlike Vitaldiol's capsules which are all problem-specific based, Essential by Vitaldiol offers the flexibility for everyday use. Essential stays true to the purity and efficacy of CBD without the need to dilute the formulation with additional components.

It is extremely important to store Essential in a dry cool place since exposure to direct sunlight or heat could potentially decrease shelf life and ruin the effectiveness of the cannabinoids & olive oil.

CBD oil drops can help you be proactive with your health. If you implement CBD into your daily wellness regime, it can help you find balance in your everyday life.

The CBD within our tincture is dual lab tested and produced at a GMP-certified facility. With Vitaldiol, you can always be assured that you are receiving the highest of quality, and purest of ingredients.