4 Ways to Use Vitaldiol’s Essential Tincture
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4 Ways to Use Vitaldiol’s Essential Tincture

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The Essential Tincture is our simplest, most straightforward CBD formula, designed to give you super-accurate dosing plus all the benefits of broad spectrum CBD. Broad spectrum CBD contains all the essential nutrients from the hemp plant, and has been known to help alleviate symptoms of a wide range of conditions. Most famously, Charlotte Figi - a child who suffered from severe epilepsy - experienced a dramatic increase in quality of life, comfort, and happiness after her mother gave her broad spectrum CBD. 

We’ve formulated the Essential Tincture to be simple and effective, featuring just two premium ingredients: broad spectrum CBD and organic olive oil. High concentrations of vitamin E and K make olive oil one of the most nutrient-dense fats, and a study has indicated that habitual use of olive oil can significantly reduce blood pressure.

So, how do you take this amazing tincture? Here’s four simple ways to enjoy Vitaldiol’s Essential Tincture: 

1. Sublingual Use

Tried and true, sometimes it’s best to stick with the simplest method when trying something new. Sublingual use refers to putting a tincture under your tongue where the skin is thin and the CBD can be absorbed more easily by the body. Sublingual use makes CBD more bioavailable, meaning it enters your bloodstream more efficiently with nothing in the way to slow down absorption. 

Sublingual use isn’t just efficient, it’s easy, too! Measure out your dose using the Essential Tincture’s dropper, then put it directly into your mouth, under the tongue. Hold the tincture for 30 seconds, then swallow it on its own or with a glass of water. 

One dropper (30 mg) is the recommended starting dose. Once you feel comfortable with that, you may want to increase or reduce this dose as needed. If you only use CBD occasionally, you may never need more than the one milliliter dose. On the other hand, if you live with chronic pain, it is perfectly safe to regularly take upwards of 100-150 mg. 

2. Mixing With a Drink

Of course, taking the tincture straight may not be for everyone, especially if they’re not used to the sublingual method or dislike the taste. In that case, another solid option would be mixing it in with a drink. Again, measure out your preferred dosage, then stir it into your drink of choice as a quick extra step to your morning or evening routine. 

A suggestion: if you take any other medications, just mix the tincture into the glass of water you take them with to take care of everything in one fell swoop. 

If you want to increase the rate of absorption, choose a drink with some calories to jumpstart digestion and get the tincture processed and into your bloodstream as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

3. DIY CBD Gummies

If you need a quick and convenient dose of CBD for anxiety before a stressful event such as a speech or presentation, CBD gummies may be just the thing you’re looking for. Discrete, small, and delicious, gummies are also a fun way to unwind if you’ve got a sweet tooth! 

Making CBD gummies yourself allows you to know what exactly you’re putting in your body, have total control over the dose, and add in your favorite flavors to boot! The best part? They’re easy, cheap, and quick to make. 

For this recipe, all you need is gelatin, honey, your favorite fruit juice, and the CBD extract of your choice! In around 30-60 minutes, you’ll have CBD gummies that are easy to use, portable, and delicious!

4. Lotions & Balms

If eating, drinking, or taking CBD sublingually isn’t your speed, maybe you’ll enjoy topical treatments! CBD can be absorbed through the skin, though it isn’t as effective as it is when consumed. 

Adding CBD to topic treatments like lotion isn’t just some gimmick, CBD extract’s anti-aging and pain-relieving properties make it an excellent addition to homemade lotions, balms, or even bath bombs! Simply adding a few drops of Essential Tincture to your favorite lotion recipe will give you a new and improved product, perfect for pain and inflammation. Just use the lotion as normal, and enjoy its newfound benefits!

In Conclusion

CBD’s wide array of health benefits and methods of consumption make it one of today’s most versatile natural supplements. For all its simplicity, the Essential Tincture has nearly limitless applications. No matter how you enjoy the Essential Tincture, be sure to use it regularly to enjoy the full benefits of broad spectrum CBD!

Visit Vitaldiol online to shop for the Essential Tincture and our other CBD infused products!

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