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Why Is Turmeric Important?

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If you’ve spent some time in the kitchen, then you’ve likely come across the bright orange spice turmeric. Its deep earthy flavors and subtle pepperiness can often be found in curry dishes, and the golden-umber stain it leaves behind has tinted many a Tupperware container.

But aside from its many culinary applications and usefulness as a natural dye, did you know that turmeric also has several health benefits? Keep reading to learn more about what turmeric is, why it’s important, and how to best incorporate it into your wellness routine.  

What Is Turmeric?

Turmeric, also known by its scientific name Curcuma Longa, is a flowering plant belonging to the ginger family. Like ginger, turmeric spice comes from the plant’s root. Typically the root is boiled and dried before being ground into a fine powder; however, it is also occasionally consumed raw. Because of turmeric’s characteristically vibrant orange hue, it’s also commonly used as a natural dying agent.  

Curcuma Longa is native to two main global regions—the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia. These areas have the climate necessary for Curcuma Longa to thrive. In order to grow, turmeric requires consistently warm temperatures of between 70 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit, as well as a large amount of annual rainfall.  

Should I Be Using Turmeric In My Diet?

Turmeric’s nuanced flavor profile has made it a staple in Asian and Indian cuisine for generations. You typically find turmeric in savory foods where its bitter and mustard-like flavors can shine, though it can also be used in sweet dishes like the Lebanese cake sfouf.  Additionally, turmeric is used to prepare golden milk—a hot beverage often touted for its many health benefits. 

A large part of what makes turmeric so special comes down to the bright yellow chemical curcumin that the plant naturally produces. Not only does curcumin give the spice its signature color, but it also has several potential health benefits. 

Turmeric Benefits

All across the globe, various cultures have used turmeric in traditional folk medicine to help treat ailments ranging from runny noses to arthritic pain. This is no accident. Modern science has uncovered that turmeric has several potential health benefits. 

Perhaps the most well-known and documented benefit of curcumin is its anti-inflammatory properties. The human body uses inflammation as a tool to help repair itself; however, too much inflammation can have disastrous effects on the body and contribute to chronic pain conditions. According to one study, the curcumin in turmeric is surprisingly as effective at reducing inflammation as over-the-counter medicines like ibuprofen.

turmeric also has other potential health benefits, including: 

Downsides To Using Too Much Turmeric 

Too much of a good thing can quickly turn into a bad thing. While turmeric can be a delicious way to boost your overall health, using turmeric supplements in excess can be hazardous to your wellbeing.  

Side effects of turmeric include 

  • headache 

  • dizziness 

  • nausea 

  • gastrointestinal distress

Taking more than the directed dosage of turmeric supplements can increase your risk of developing kidney stones. turmeric may also negatively impact other medications you’re taking, so be sure to consult with your physician before starting a supplement regimen that includes turmeric.

Do Turmeric And CBD Work Well Together?

While turmeric’s anti-inflammatory properties are great on their own, combining them with another plant-based supplement like cannabidiol (CBD) can make both compounds even more effective. 

Preliminary research suggests that, like curcumin, CBD possesses powerful anti-inflammatory properties which may help reduce the pain caused by certain conditions like arthritis. When combined with the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric, CBD may be even more effective in this regard.

The Relief Capsule from Vitaldiol combines both these anti-inflammatory agents into one easy-to-take capsule. Its formulation of 35 mg of CBD isolate blended with 250 mg of turmeric is a natural alternative to help combat aches and pains, promote healing, and help manage discomfort. Great for use after a workout to combat muscle soreness or to just deal with inflammation caused by everyday life. 


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