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A Beginner's Guide to CBD Dosage

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Are you new to taking CBD? Wondering how it might affect you, or what the recommended cbd dosage is to help you ‘feel pain relief’? If CBD doesn’t get you high, how do you even know that it’s working? In this basic guide, we’re going to be covering all of the basics of taking CBD, finding your CBD oil dosage, and trying different products to discover benefits for your specific needs. Whether you are seeking relief from stress and anxiety, arthritis pain, or want to sleep better at night, there’s a CBD solution for you. 

What Is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a cannabinoid found commonly in varieties of hemp and cannabis. The second-most abundant cannabinoid in strains of cannabis, CBD is known to produce soothing, calming, and anti-inflammatory effects without the psychoactive qualities often associated with cannabis. THC is the cannabinoid responsible for the “high” you get when you consume marijuana, but consuming CBD doesn’t alter perception. Instead, CBD helps to relax the muscles, reduce inflammation from a cellular level, and even ease mental tension to promote emotional balance and stability. 

Unlike THC, CBD is legal under U.S. federal law and can be bought, sold, and used freely throughout the states. Because of this, CBD has gradually increased in commercial products from popular brands, with some releasing full CBD-infused lines. While the addition of more CBD products to the market is great for making CBD more accessible to people everywhere, there isn’t much education available to help customers use CBD effectively. Because of this, many people aren’t getting the most out of their CBD products, and some end up ditching CBD altogether, falsely believing it doesn’t work for them. But despite this, there is sufficient evidence to say that CBD could be useful to some people more than others. The FDA has allowed the use of Epidolex, a prescription CBD medication to treat certain medical conditions (ex. Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS), Dravet syndrome, or tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC)).

How Much CBD Should I Take?

When taken correctly and in adequate doses, CBD can have profound benefits for both the mind and body. Correct use of CBD should take body composition and previous use into consideration since these factors can affect how many mg/ml of CBD you should take. In general, for beginners, it is recommended that you take around 0.25 milligrams of CBD per pound of body weight for a moderate dose and 0.025 milliliters for a CBD tincture dosage. Here’s a basic CBD dosage calculator chart based on body weight for reference:


Low Dose

Moderate Dose

High Dose

100 - 130 lbs

15-20 mg / 0.015-0.020 ml

25-32 mg / 0.025-0.032 ml

35-45 mg / 0.035-0.045 ml 

140 - 170 lbs

21-27 mg / 0.021-0.027 ml

35-42 mg / 0.035 - 0.042 ml

49-60 mg / 0.049 - 0.060 ml

180 - 200 lbs

28-30 mg / 0.028-0.030 ml

45-50 mg / 0.045 - 0.050 ml

63-70 mg / 0.063-0.070 ml

210 - 240 lbs

31-36 mg / 0.031-0.036 ml

52-60 mg / 0.052-0.060 ml

73-84 mg / 0.073-0.084 ml

250 - 280 lbs

37-42 mg / 0.037-0.042 ml

62-70 mg / 0.062-0.070 ml

87-98 mg / 0.087-0.098 ml

290 - 320 lbs

43-48 mg / 0.043-0.048 ml

72-80 mg / 0.072-0.080 ml

101-112 mg / 0.0101- 0.0112 ml

330 - 370 lbs

50-55 mg / 0.050-0.055 ml

82-92 mg / 0.082-0.092 ml

115-130 mg / 0.0115-0.0130 ml

380 - 400 lbs

56-60 mg / 0.056-0.060 ml

95-100 mg / 0.095-0.0100 ml

133-140 mg / 0.0133-0.0140 ml


While this chart can help you find a general starting point for the amount of CBD you should take based on your weight, it isn’t foolproof. If you buy a specific CBD product, consider following the instructions of the company you purchase from. For example, at Vitaldiol, most of our products contain around 35 milligrams of CBD per serving, which is an appropriate cbd dosage for pain, for a first timer. Once you have tried a moderate dose like 35 mg a few times, you can begin to determine whether this amount works for you, or if you’ll need more. 

Tips for Finding Your Perfect Dose

Worried about taking too much or too little, or simply not feeling the effects at all after taking a CBD oil dosage for anxiety? Don’t worry, taking CBD is easy, and your body does most of the work. The most surefire way to have a good experience with CBD is to take good products from reliable brands like Vitaldiol. Potency and quality can influence your experience, so buying from quality companies will help to ensure you notice a difference. Beyond investing in quality products, be sure to follow these simple tips when experimenting with CBD to find your perfect dose: 


  • Start low and go slow by taking a low dose for your body weight and working your way up to larger amounts. For example, taking a higher CBD dosage for inflammation can blunt your experience, so starting low and working up to larger doses, you’ll be able to identify the most productive dose for your needs
  • Try a variety of products to experience the variety of benefits CBD offers. At Vitaldiol, you can choose from four distinct formulations each designed to serve a different purpose. Rest combines CBD with melatonin to enhance sleep, Recover features CBD + MNM rejuvenation, Relief includes added turmeric to reduce inflammation, and the Essential Tincture features all the benefits of broad-spectrum CBD made available in heart-healthy olive oil. Once you’ve tested a few products and seen how they affect you, you’ll be able to use CBD to target specific benefits for health and wellness

    Want to learn more about CBD and what it could do for you? Visit Vitaldiol online to shop, and be sure to check out our blog to learn more.

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